[LAU] command line midi player for >1 files? (Ecasound for midi?)

Nils Gey ich at nilsgey.de
Wed Jan 30 14:47:17 UTC 2013


tl;dr: is there a command line tool where I can give several midi files, and a jack input port for each, and it plays them back in sync?
Preferably with a clean exit when the last file is finished.

long version what I tried so far:
I hacked together a quick python script around jack-smf-player a while ago but that was sub-optimal since I either get a synched start (by using jack transport for all players and sleeping a bit before playback) but no automatic exit, since jack-smf-player can't do auto-exit with jack transport. So I had to loop over all open PIDs and kill them which produced xruns and jack hiccups, it also took long. 
Or I got a clean exit, using the play-and-exit mode, but then I got no sync since each player just starts when it is ready. Even syncing them up with python did not help because it is music and every ms delay counts.

Does such an sequencer without a GUI exist?


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