[LAU] command line midi player for >1 files? (Ecasound for midi?)

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Jan 31 12:08:18 UTC 2013

Nils Gey wrote:
>>> There is a MIDI port sequence defined for SMFs. <FF 21 01 pp> which is
>>> supposed to come at the start of a track. It specifies which port on
>>> the computer the track is to be sent to. I've never tired using this
>>> and don't even know if the alsa sequencer code supports it.
>> One ALSA sequencer port corresponds to a MIDI port.  To support this,
>> the player application has to send the track to a different port.
>> (aplaymidi does this.)
> But how to you specify the port? Is it hardcoded into the midi file or
> has the player some saying in this?

The MIDI file specifies a port number, which ist just a number from 0
to N-1; it's the player's responsibility to map this to actual ports.

Because of this unpredictable mapping, the MMA has declared the port
number meta-event obsolete.  Officially, one should now use the port
name meta event <FF 09 len text>, but the mapping of the MIDI file's
port names to the playback device's port names does not happen to be
any less unpredictable ...


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