[LAU] Thinking about my new composition studio : a notation editor (ly-compatible?) which might use jack or ALSA midi correctly?

Aurelien tyranorl at free.fr
Wed Jun 12 18:59:57 UTC 2013

Oh, well, I'm going to check that, this might be fantastic, and once
again comes from your side, male!!!

Musescore is really good, actually, but no jack transport, and the midi
implementation is a bit short, I find (or didn't find how to set it up).

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 07:47:06PM +0200, David Adler wrote :
> On 6/12/13, J. Liles wrote:
> > Have you checked out Laborejo yet? I'm not sure about the transport sync
> > capability, but it does play back over JACK MIDI, supports NSM, and exprots
> > to lilypond.
> Basic start/stop Jack-Transport support has been added in the latest release.
> http://laborejo.org/News/6_Laborejo_Release_version_08
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