[LAU] New music: shambleau

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Jun 25 21:52:33 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!
   This is finally the last piece of the album Music For A New World. the album 
page will go up shortly and can be found from:
   I tried to mix the piece in the spirit of the other pieces from that time. I 
failed, but it might have been worse. :-) There were supposed to have been 
lyrics. Yet as I didn't finish them then, I can't complete them now, since I'm 
too far removed from that feeling. Here are the links:
   The idea was spawned by the eponymous story by Cathrine Lucille Moore. And 
it - as all the other pieces from that album - was not only just another song, 
but a song to test teh capabilities of my - then newest - and most trusted 
tool of power: Nama. by now it is a home to me and a very good and welcoming 
home at that. So very belatedly it is time once more to say: thank you Joel! 
Thank you for the hard and continuous work you've put into Nama and still put 
into it! This is very much appreciated, not only by me.
   I'd be glad to accept any feedback as long as it is either nice and/or 
productive. :-)
   Warm regards


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