[LAU] Google TV device w/ AV out

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Fri Jun 28 13:52:04 UTC 2013

On 06/19/2013 03:39 PM, Jeremy Jongepier wrote:
> On 06/19/2013 12:08 AM, Dan MacDonald wrote:
>> That's what I expected, seeing how little success I've had on my
>> Pandaboard
>> with J2 git. Have you tried J1 too?
> Ok, got Jack1 running. Recompiled the kernel without debugging and
> disabled WiFi. I now see I can also tweak the IRQ threads, nice.
> Jeremy

Just an update. Getting things stable is quite some work actually but 
I'm slowly getting there. I've stripped the kernel config a bit further 
and have a good starting point now. Some findings:
* RT patch doesn't apply cleanly. I've hacked my way through it but 
can't get it to compile.
* I've tried using threadirqs but then the stick wouldn't boot (couldn't 
find any rootfs to load from MMC). Applied this patch: 
Then I get threaded IRQs but it's not much of an improvement, the USB 
IRQ that has the WiFi connected to it consumes a lot of CPU and I can't 
get JACK to run stable. I did try prioritizing IRQs with rtirq but it 
didn't make any difference, the board seems to run better without 
threaded IRQs.
* Tried dwc_otg.speed=1 as a kernel parameter, no improvement.
* This thing doesn't have serial console access, I've tried all possible 
pads, vias and pins but no joy :( I did manage to solder a button on the 
board that allows me to directly boot into flash mode which is already 
quite convenient.
* No ethernet access, only WiFi. But enabling WiFi means JACK won't run 
properly. Also tried an external USB dongle, same problems basically.
* So I have to work using the HDMI connection and a keyboard. Had to 
disable blanking otherwise JACK would crash.

Well, that last example sums it all up I guess, this board isn't really 
made for doing real-time audio. Unless people prove me wrong, I'd love 
to hear what other people's experiences are. Any tips, ideas, 
suggestions? I'm now glazing at amsynth 1.4.0 running headless while 
JACK occasionally spits out 'delay of .... usecs exceeds estimated spare 
time of .....; restart ...' messages and that with jackd -P84 -p32 
-t2000 -dalsa -n3 -p128 -s
I HAVE to use the ALSA -s (softmode) option otherwise the whole USB 
stack locks up. Pffff, maybe I should buy a board that does work, like 
the pcDuino or BeagleBone Black.



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