[LAU] Live video of that progressive jazz monstrosity

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Tue Nov 5 00:43:39 UTC 2013

Here it is, played live:


I was playing playing bass and keyboards simultaneously there; our bass player had another gig that night. My Linux laptop was behind me, not seen; this was after I'd set up the MIDI keyboard to control all the synths. But it was right before I set up buttons on the Novation to switch patches quickly, so I was twiddling knobs to cycle through them.

Synths/tools played in the video are fluidsynth, jack-rack, jconv, many LADSPA plugins, nekostring, and AMS.

We were set up on stage wrong; the drummer and I couldn't see each other, which annoyed both of us, and there were all kinds of missteps because of that.  But this is the best live video I have of that peice.

If you enjoyed the studio version, you might like the live version too.


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