[LAU] jpmidi, with server mode

Raphaël Mouneyres rmouneyres at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 10:15:03 UTC 2013


jpmidi is a Midi-file player that uses Jack-Midi and synchronises to
It is currently a hosted by Julien here : http://juliencoder.de/jpmidi/

After using it for a while with the command line, i needed an advanced
feature : being able to control it remotely with UDP or TCP commands.
This what i call a server mode.

I've been modifying the code, and added a '-s' option so jpmidi is
started in server mode, and waits for commands on port 2013.

Well the whole thing is still buggy sometimes, especially with the
port which is not released correctly, but it worked.
I plan to continue developping on this feature. May you be interested
in contributing, let me know.

The project is now hosted on sourceforge :


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