[LAU] sending weird sysex file

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Wed Nov 13 23:13:09 UTC 2013

For what it's worth, I did finally discover why Simple Sysexer, 
JSynthLib, and just about every other method I've tried (including even 
hardware, such as the MDR sysex recorder built into the Yamaha SY99) 
were unable to transmit my patch bank to the Siel DK600, but the Linux 
'amidi' command could:  It's made up of alternating Midi CC's and sysex 
dumps in the same file, about 90 of them ("CC...sysex...CC...sysex...").

Apparently, since the Siel DK600 cannot receive whole patch banks and it 
needs to be prepared to receive just one patch with a Midi CC command, 
if you want to dump all 90 patches, you need a file that contains just 
such a weird chain of CC's and single patch dumps.  It comes to only 
about 4kB, but such a file confuses just about any higher level utility, 
or at the very least makes them skip the necessary CC's and just send 
the sysexes.  Amidi is raw enough that it doesn't care what it's 
transmitting, so it just works.

But that brings me back to amidi's wanting to try to just grab the Midi 
device, which makes it not work when Jack is running.  So what I need is 
a Jack-aware app (or at least an Alsa Midi app that doesn't grab the 
device exclusively) that's smart enough to work with Jack but still dumb 
enough to not care if what it's transmitting.

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