[LAU] Aeolus midi stop changes

Kevin Utter kvutter at frii.com
Fri Nov 15 18:49:18 UTC 2013

Hi all! I'm wanting to use Aeolus's MIDI controller 98 function to change individule stops. However, In order to easily send single controller values, I'm wondering about using program change instead. Can I configure it that way now, or would that require code changes? I know program change is currently used for presets, but could this be user-selectable perhaps, so that one could use it for registration instead? Or again, is that already possible? Since I can't see, I'll have to have sighted assistance with it, so if this can be done currently, any guidance would be helpful.I  very much appreciate the text interface! Thank you very much for that. I'm hoping to be able to include registrations in my song files using MIDISH as well. I hope to have a recording to share shortly. Thank you for this instrument! I'm enjoying it very much. 


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