[LAU] re Zoom R16

Atte atte at youmail.dk
Sun Nov 17 14:29:01 UTC 2013

On 11/16/2013 01:35 PM, jmancine wrote:
> I guess most of my posts never hit the mailing list!  Wondered why no
> one was interested.  Goto the nabble link at the bottom of the email for
> extensive info.

Hmmm, is that a result of the new "not more than X posts a day" policy? 
If so, bad idea...

Anyways back on topic. So basically it works with the editing of 
quirks-table.h in kernel 3.6.11, right? But not in duplex mode? Doesn't 
that mean that you can't record and playback (like recording vocals over 
existing tracks) at the same time. If so I wouldn't call the r16 


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