[LAU] First Major Linux Audio Project

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Mon Nov 18 19:37:59 UTC 2013

Hi Kevin

It's not the usual sort of thing I listen to, but I enjoyed this. 
Excellent performance, great recording and Aeolus always sounds 
fantastic to my untutored ears.

Great job and thanks for sharing!


On 18/11/13 01:36, Kevin Utter wrote:
> Hi all!  It was suggested that I post this to the list.  Having created
> it for my good LAU friend, Julien, it is here because of his hosting it,
> for your enjoyment.  Click the link below, and choose the Bruhns Prelude
> and Fugue.  There is information there about the production.  Thanks
> all.  Comments or suggestions are welcome.
> Kevin
> http://juliencoder.de/kvu

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