[LAU] [Music] Prog supergroup's first outings

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Mon Nov 25 09:57:08 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-24 23:26, Bob van der Poel wrote:
> Thanks for sharing.

No problem, many thanks for listening and commenting.

>> https://soundcloud.com/quirq-uk/julius-quintus-as-a-cloud
> Nice piece. My only complaint is that when the flute part gets a tad
> harsh (not sure if that's the right word), like you're having trouble
> getting all the notes. I'd prefer to hear those runs more easily
> played.

I'm glad you liked it, despite my crappy flute playing.

Tone sadly never was one of my strong points (along with vibrato, 
breath control, technique... ;-) ) and certainly isn't these days as I 
don't play or practice anywhere near often enough.

I'd always intended practicing the part more and doing a better take 
when I wasn't so tired: I seem to recall my lungs being on their very 
last legs so to speak when I recorded it. I was definitely running out 
of air at various points, but I've never had good lung fitness even when 
I played regularly.

There are parts where the tone is okay, but a lot of it is far too 
breathy for my liking. I suspect the "good" tone bits might be the ones 
that you find a bit harsh. Some of the runs were certainly not as fluid 
as they could've been. I did learn from the experience that it's not a 
good idea to try writing, practicing AND recording a wind part all in 
one go!

>> https://soundcloud.com/quirq-uk/julius-quintus-time-to-go
> Nice tune. I'm not sure if guitar was the best choice of inst. for 
> the
> melody. I'd have chosen something else ... flute? Or even a big organ
> sound? Well, I would have chosen sax, but that is my main instrument
> these days :)

Again, glad you enjoyed it. Whilst I am a keyboard player, I do find it 
necessary to counter Julien so that ruled out more keyboard parts and it 
wouldn't have been his worst Floydian nightmare with anything other than 
guitar, so I had to oblige :-D

But the choice of instrument came first and the melody second. I'm not 
sure a flute solo would've been big and epic enough for the piece, 
certainly not with my skill level. A Jaxon or Collins-esque solo 
could've worked nicely.

>> No capes, Persian rugs, curries, knives or ice rinks were harmed 
>> during the
>> making of this music.
> Damn. Not being a fan of curries I'd hope you would have arranged for
> less of them in this world :)

Yeah, I'm not really a curry-eater either and people tend to assume you 
are in this part of the world. I'll never give Wakeman a run for his 
money in the keyboard stakes either :-D

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