[LAU] Fwd: Re: Asus/Ubuntu/Audacity searching a reliable usb-recordig interface.

James Harkins jamshark70 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 02:22:12 UTC 2013

Jose van Rooy <josevanrooy at ...> writes:

> Hallo Harry, i appreciate you give me the name of this Esi Maya 44 usb
recording-interface of 100 euro {to convert a tape into digital formats},
but it's like you didn't read my letter...

I'm going to suggest here that maybe we have a typical introvert/extravert
stylistic clash.

To generalize (maybe over-generalize), extraverts like to talk through
problems. Jose's e-mails sound a lot like "thinking out loud" -- extraverted

Introverts (again, generalizing) tend to think, "Don't spend a lot of time
on chitchat, just get to the point." Consistent with that, several of the
responses to the very long e-mails have gone along the same lines:

- "Your emails are extremely long winded: if you want advice, please be
concise. You'll notice more people reply to short, clear emails."

- "I've snipped away lots of your email, trying to focus on the important
parts" -- after which, only two lines remained... the implication of which
is obvious to any introvert :-p

- And more harshly, "After reading all this junk.... you want me to read the

It's reasonable to guess that people who like to spend free time tinkering
with computer audio are likely to be more introverted than extraverted.
Jose, if you want help from a bunch of introverts, you'll get a lot better
help by focusing on two or three main points and cutting down the verbal
diarrhea to a minimum. If it's not *directly* related to those 2-3 points,
save it for another time. And, introverts like myself need to respect a
different mental style that prefers talking-through over
thinking-then-talking. (But, respect for that style doesn't manufacture
enough time of day for me to read several screens full of text where the
main point is hidden in there... somewhere...)


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