[LAU] M/S EQ in Linux

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Sep 10 07:29:45 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-09-09 at 17:42 -0500, Brent Busby wrote:
> I've been looking for a way to try mid/side EQ in Linux.  The 
> documentation for the Calf plugins implies they can 
> (http://calf.sourceforge.net/plugins.html#filter), but never says how.  
> Also, I don't see anything in the GUI that would allow you to toggle mid 
> versus side versus whole mix.
> Are mid/side EQ tricks possible with the Calf plugins, or any other way 
> on Linux?

I had to read
http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar11/articles/live-tech-0311.htm first,
because I didn't know this "term".

I would stay away from those fashion mixing techniques. If you split the
signal that way and manipulate it using an EQ, it is asking for serious

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