[LAU] options for hard real time kernel for raring 13.04 + nvidia

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 11:54:28 UTC 2013

I don't use Ubuntu/Debian but I do use Linux-rt + nVidia, in all of my H/W.
So i thought i would clarify a point or two;

> Found some suggestions about patching the nvidia driver with some
> custom> code here [1], but the driver they use there is quite old. And
>time I had fiddled with nvidia driver it was the most painful experience
> ever..:)
>Did you try the patch in my Github repository? You can download it with:

This above patch only works for Nvidia driver < 325.xx  ...

1. For Nvidia's newest drivers ~ you need my nvidia325xx-rt patch;


(for me, this patch works fine on 3.8-rt and 3.10-rt. haven't tested
anything older... I'm sure it's fine). When building the kernel module
(don't know where this is done in Debian/ubuntu) you must ignore the
PREEMPT_RT check in nvidia's installer, something like this;

SYSSRC=/usr/lib/modules/"${_kernver}/build" module "

2. I've also made available a patch for 319.32, patched for kernel 3.10
support (which then can be patched with the old rt patch, above
"patch-3.0-rt-nvidia.patch"). - This is mainly for people who've
experienced regressions with the 325xx nvidia driver, Patch is here;


I've also started a thread @ nvidia's dev portal about nvidia-rt;


There aren't specific distro instructions, but a general "run down",
instead. I don't know how different distros package nvidia, so it's beyond
my own scope...and Since, i only use Archlinux, it is the only distro that
i personally am concerned with. + anyone can see how Archlinux handles
nvidia-rt by either reading through Arch's PKGBUILD in AUR;
https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nv/nvidia-rt/PKGBUILD ... then find out
how to made your own distro apply what is needed.


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