[LAU] Some linux keyboard and bass jamming

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Fri Sep 20 00:50:32 UTC 2013

I'm in the mix playing my linux netbook keyboard rig live from around 03:30:00 after the Sun Ra tracks, through until the bitter end when it transitions into the Zardoz soundtrack.

http://spazradio.bamfic.com/2013-09-18-all.ogg (warning: 5 hours of music).

Most of the linux synth work is between 03:55:00 or so until 04:41:00.

The MPC drums and loops (on Ableton, sorry) is Spukkin Faceship.

The rapper at 03:35:00 or so is Letter D from Guadalajara http://letterd.net/

The bass is me (fluidsynth) pretty much throughout. Lots of bass in this jam.

You can hear fluidsynth clavinet with Fons's autowah at various points. Also Rhodes fluidsynth with JACK RACK, and plenty of Monosynth too. The echo I use excessively throughout is a LADSPA plugin too.


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