[LAU] end-user oriented info on OSC

Diego Simak diego.simak at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 11:55:20 UTC 2013

> Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I am out for. Even though I think, we
> can agree, that it is not so end-user oriented anyway ;-)

good to know that this helped you

> So my impression lasts, that OSC my be implemented in many apps under
> Linux but to be of use for the average musician is still some way to go....

I think it will depend if you know the OSC syntax and commands that
are actually implemented in the host
(Carla/DSSI/Non*/Ingen/etc,etc,etc,) and the flexibility to create
customized messages in the application.

Good documentation for OSC syntax and commands is a must in this case.

I know that touchOSC for example now allows to create custom layouts
for Android.
you can create a custom layout to send OSC commands with the required
commands, for example.

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