[LAU] Some music recorded with Linux

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Mon Sep 23 21:20:37 UTC 2013

Yesterday I made one of the most rewarding concert recordings
I ever did. The opening concert of the 'Traiettorie' festival
here in Parma, with violinist Hae-Sun Kang and five of her
twenty-something students of the chamber music class in Paris.
One of the pieces they played was Arnold Schoenberg's 'Verklaerte
Nacht', the original version for string sextet. I've known it for
at least thirty years and recorded it many times. It's IMHO one
of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. It's also
quite a difficult one to get right - a string quartet already
requires a lot of very intimate coordination, and with six 
players this only gets much more complex.
I'd been present at the rehearsals the days before the concert,
and seen those young musicians work on it - passionately and
without compromise. The recording has all the defects of a live
one - background noises of all sorts - but I think they played
wonderfully. Equipment used was two Neumann KM184 mics, an RME
Micstasy and Ardour3. I can't make it available publicly, but
if the rare birds who like this type of music give me a hint
there may be some chance. Not that I want to show off my work,
which is insignificant, but just to share what some talented 
and motivated young musicians are capable of.



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