[LAU] Some music made with linux, from the vaults

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Sep 23 22:23:30 UTC 2013

Hello Ken!
   Nice tracks. Not my top five out of your tracks, but definitely nice. :-) I 
like both titles very much though. They convey something eccentric and 
slightly nerdy. :-)
   I didn't start on the right foot with breakfast at 1. I thought: why 808, 
why not 909? This question however was answered quickly, when the Rhodes 
joined the funfair. Nice touch that! In combination with the Rhodes, the 808 
made much more sense to me. It left the piano more space to breathe and 
roominate. I love those funky/jazzy reminiscences. Something I can never pull 
off, as well as you can. No rock 'n' role and no funk. :-) Nice little track!
   Allure oddmeter, did hold a slight allure. Unfortunately something had to be 
steady in this song and the poor old drumtrack had to suffer that dubious 
pleasure. :-( If that had been replaced with a real drummer or a drumkit of 
any sort played live or programmed in interesting and twisted ways, this would 
have been on its way to a smash-hit. :-) Oddly though, I didn't find the 9/4 
too confusing. Perhaps I didn't always follow the twists and turns of the 
bassline, but it felt comfrotable to listen to. Enough so, tht I could enjoy 
the mean basslines. Not as predominant and pregnant, as I've heard them in 
some of your other songs, but it was there. While listening and discovering 
the acoustic piano, I started thinking, that one could probably have fun with 
this piece, writing an analysis of the composer's intentions. So many events 
and twists, for such a small arrangement and that style of music, that one 
could assign to underlying themes, desires and messages of the author. :-) 
Coming back into the non-fictional world, those ongoings are, what makes this 
piece interesting, in spite of the looped drums.
   May I finish this with a wish: do more housekeeping and cleaning, perhaps 
you'll find more. :-) I will hope for the best and leave you to being prepared 
for the worst. - Honestly: both of them nice, sturdy tracks, not catchy, but 
   Warm regards


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