[LAU] FingerPlayServer in Ubuntu

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Sep 25 08:20:24 UTC 2013


FingerPlayMIDI is a very nice App for Android, that turns the
touchscreen of a device into a MIDI-Controller with sliders, matrix and


I used it without any problem in Fedora 17 using its
FingerPlayServer-component on the Linux-Box to connect the stream from
the phone. It is a Java-Program, that is supposed to create a port like

FingerPlayServer v0.8.0

Listening on
Waiting for connection from phone..
Phone connected.
Set MIDI Device: VirMIDI [hw:3,3,11]

As said before, this worked perfectly OK in Fedora 17 but alas! In
Ubuntu 13.04 with KXStudio Layer the server starts as expected but there
is no port in Alsa-MIDI to be found.

The server gets the signals OK and reports no errors.

Does someone know, what could have changed in ALSA-MIDI and/or Jack-MIDI
that this port from a Java-app is not accepted anymore?

best regards


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