[LAU] sample rate converter?

Grekim Jennings grekimj at acousticrefuge.com
Fri Sep 27 14:10:00 UTC 2013

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 09:37:00AM -0400, Grekim Jennings wrote:

>/  I need to convert 24-bit 48000 .wav to 44100 .wav.
/>/  What's your go-to converter for this?
/>/  Quality would be my first consideration,
/>/  2nd would be ease of install or build,
/>/  3rd would be I have a preference for command line.
/>/  This would be for off-line use.
I use zresample wich comes as an example app with the zita-resampler
library. Apart from resampling it can also change the sample format,
and add dither if the output is 16-bit. It handles any number of

>/  zresample --help
zresample 1.4.0
(C) 2007-2012 Fons Adriaensen  <fons at linuxaudio.org  <http://lists.linuxaudio.org/listinfo/linux-audio-user>>
Usage: zresample <options> <input file> <output file>.
   Display this text:     --help
   Output file type:      --caf, --wav, --amb
   Output sample rate:    --rate <sample rate>
   Output sample format:  --16bit, --24bit, --float
   Dither type (16 bit):  --rec, --tri, --lips
   Add zero padding :     --pad
The default output file format is wav, 24-bit, no dithering.
Integer output formats are clipped, float output is not.



Thanks Fons.  Do you have a recommendation for how much headroom to leave
before the conversion, and if you do clip during the conversion is there
any sort of warning?  I used to leave around 1.5 dB.  The way I used to
go about this was to apply all limiting to the 24-bit 48000 kHz track,
then SR convert, then normalize (to ~ -0.3 dB) or set a final level, and
finally dither/quantize.

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