[LAU] Echo Layla + Echo Audiofire12

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan.osaudio at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 19:44:25 UTC 2014

Hey folks,

I have the latter & use it frequently - firewire 12+12... No spdif or adat.
Not wild about firewire but it works, is convenient, etc. they still have
great resale too from looking at local and online merchants. Hangin on to
it for sure.

There is an Echo Layla with PCI interface & umbilical. < US$100.

My question(s) is/are; has anyone been able to sync these units for use o
the independent digital & analogue inputs? Can't think of how or if Jack
could run both alsa driver & FFADO on te same rig. My real interest in this
Layla card is it's adat I/O. Not familiar yet with what can be done with
the 8 adat (light pipe?) channels within the realm of recording.

Any relevant info appreciated.


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