[LAU] omni mic recommendations

jim jim at well.com
Mon Dec 8 18:51:48 UTC 2014

     An omni condenser mic seems a good tool.
I've got cardioid and super and hyper cardioid,
mostly dynamic. I've also got a limited budget
and mercifully low production standards.
     I'm considering
* AT8010 : $150 ; specs 20-20K, 123dB SPL
* AT4022 : $350 ; specs 20-20K, 146dB SPL

     TheAT4022 price is too much for me, tho'
if people really love it, I might save up for it.

     The AT8010 price is do-able for me. I don't
need high SPL. I need a mic on a stand with
shock mount that captures various instruments,
single vocalist, multiple vocalists, and general
room sound into a Linux (Ardour) system,
mixed and played back to CD standards.
     Will the AT8010 do? I've noticed that there
are sound level test mics that are omni and
have about the same specs as the AT8010--
would one of them do? I'm open to any
suggestions for an omni, tho' I'm dubious
of dynamic omnis.
     (do what? capture sound without the
proximity effect, with at least 60dB above
noise, no obvious color, generally getting
a room sound or a drum kit that most CD
listeners won't mind.)

Hopefullly, with thanks,

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