[LAU] MIDI sysex over Firewire - not supported by Jack MIDI?

oli_kester oli_kester at zoho.com
Sun Dec 14 14:15:42 UTC 2014

---- On Sun, 14 Dec 2014 11:57:19 +0000 Clemens Ladisch  wrote ---- 
>oli_kester wrote: 
>> I can't get these new "EDIROL FA-101 MIDI 1" ports to connect to 
>> anything. 
>Do they show up in the output of "amidi -l" and "arecordmidi -l"? 
>Do you see anything with "amidi --dump" or "aseqdump"? 
>Does creating connections with aconnect work? If not, any error 
$ amidi -l
Dir Device    Name
IO  hw:0,0,0  EDIROL FA-101 MIDI 1
IO  hw:2,0,0  Oxygen 49 MIDI 1

$ arecordmidi -l
 Port    Client name                      Port name
 14:0    Midi Through                     Midi Through Port-0
 16:0    EDIROL FA-101                    EDIROL FA-101 MIDI 1
 24:0    Oxygen 49                        Oxygen 49 MIDI 1

This one gives some sort of error - 
$ amidi --dump
ALSA lib rawmidi_hw.c:233:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) open /dev/snd/midiC0D0 failed: Device or resource busy
cannot open port "default": Device or resource busy

This one hangs at this point - 
$ aseqdump
Waiting for data at port 130:0. Press Ctrl+C to end.
Source  Event                  Ch  Data
  0:1   Port subscribed            129:0 -> 130:0

And this error comes up when attempting to aconnect - 
$ aconnect 24 16
Connection failed (Device or resource busy)

So I think we're found the problem. The port definitely isn't busy - how do I stop it being so lazy?

Much appreciated, Oliver

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