[LAU] Some things to play with during the Xmas holidays

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Sun Dec 21 12:42:06 UTC 2014

Hello all,

The first release of pyjacktools is now available at 


Python C++ extensions and classes for audio. I wanted to demo
these during the Audio Measurements workshop at LAC 2014, but
we ran out of time...


  Read/write audio files to/from numpy arrays. Reads anything
  libsndfile can read, and writes wav, wavex, amb, aiff, caf
  and flac, any number of channels.


  Simple Jack client allowing to connect arbitrary ports and
  control Jack transport.


  Multichannel (up to 64) audio file player. The interface is
  deliberately kept low level, but it's easy to create derived
  classes providing a higher level interface. This is the player
  used in the automated systems at La Casa del Suono in Parma.


  Generate and capture arbitrary test signals from/to numpy
  arrays. Combined with numpy, matplotlib, pyqt, etc. this
  can be used to create anything from a simple measurement
  to sophisticated automated test systems.

All four classes are documented using Python docstrings (use
Python's help function to read these). Some simple examples
are provided as well.

The C++ extenstions should work with either Python 3.x or 
2.7. The Python code is tested using Python 3.4, but will
probably work even with 2.7. If not the required changes
should be minimal.

To install you need the Python setuptools, then just make
and sudo make install. The examples require numpy and for
some also matplotlib.

Enjoy !


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