[LAU] Graphic card

Philipp Überbacher murks at tuxfamily.org
Fri Dec 26 19:12:12 UTC 2014

On Thu, 25 Dec 2014 23:13:38 +0000
Aurélien Leblond <blablack at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Merry Christmas and (soon) happy new year!
> I was wondering if you guys would have a few advice for graphic card?
> My laptop blew up a few days ago, so I'm building a pc to replace it
> (haven't done that in years) - I'm not a gamer, the only things me
> and my wife are doing are music production and photo editing, only
> running Linux.
> Any advice between Radeon or GeForce? Which driver is good and doesn't
> disturb Jack or audio latency?
> Thanks in advance,
> Aurélien

I too use the onboard intel graphics (HD3000 in my case). The
performance may be 3 years or so behind nvidia, but it is good enough,
even for most not too recent games. There is no need to mess around
with proprietary drivers and stuff like that, it pretty much just works.

However, there seem to be some bugs around, for example this one hits
me (and many other people, have a look at the long list of duplicates)
from time to time, is quite long standing and as of yet unresolved:

The intel graphics world isn't perfect either.


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