[LAU] octaver (plugin) for bass

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Thu Jun 12 08:41:26 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 07:55:13PM +0200, hermann meyer wrote:
> I'm really unsure about how I could use this to calculate it right,
> could you give me some more hints, or best at all, a patch will be
> very welcome, as most I've learned from reading source code.

There's a paper by Dolson and Laroche (1999) which is a 'must read'
for anyone dabbling with phase vocoders. See


which has a free download link from columbia.edu.

Their method does the right calculations even without using
the computed frequencies (they wanted to avoid the atan2()
calls), but it's possible to do the same thing using them. 

Hint: if you need the frequencies the Bernsee way, just
compute them using bin number as the unit instead of Hz -
it simplifies things quite a lot ans also shows much 
clearer what's going on.

This is how it's done in some experimantal code I wrote
years ago:

for (i = 0; i <= hlen; i++)
    x = _F [i][0];
    y = _F [i][1];
    p = atan2 (y, x) / twopi;       // Phase in cycles.
    d = p - _phase1 [i] - i / div;  // Minus previous and expected difference.
    d -= floorf (d + 0.5);          // Reduce to [-0.5...+0.5]
    _phase1 [i] = p;                // Store for next iteration.
    _freq [i] = i + d * div;        // Frequency in bins.
    _magn [i] = hypotf (x, y);      // Magnitude.

where 'div' is the overlap factor, e.g. 4 for 75%. Note
this must be a float.

I'll let you work out the inverse operation by yourself,
you'll notice it's even simpler (as some terms cancel out).
But it's not needed when using D&L's method.

For code, maybe have a look at Rubberband which may contain
interesting things (I don't know, never dared to look as it
would probably have me hooked up for weeks experimenting
with this sort of algorithms...)



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