[LAU] Harrison Mixbus - $19.95

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu May 15 13:28:39 UTC 2014

Wow. Almost free, grab it!

It was a no-brainer for 49.95 a while back. Bought it, upgraded a couple of 
times, still have not used it.

Their business model seems to have gone to selling plugins and accessories. 
OK, but point of this was that essentials were already built-in. Have loads 
and loads of VSTs and LV2s. Hope some of them might be of use when I get back 
into producing on this box!

> Just noticed this last day of sale for Harrison Mixbus, if anyone is
> interested in getting it who hasn't already:
> http://www.rspeaudio.com/NO-BRAINER-DEAL-Harrison-Mixbus-p/no-brain-harrison
> -mix.htm
> James
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