[LAU] getting sound working -- user id problems

Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Mon May 19 04:38:26 UTC 2014

Yeah this is probably not exactly a linux audio problem
Just thought someone here may have a clue...

I have a couple of linuxes on my box:
/dev/sda6 (LABEL=DebOld) is 32 bit debian
/dev/sda7 (LABEL=Deb64) is a recently installed 64 bit debian

Both these work ok. Both use xfce. Now I want to share the home and I am
having issues...

On DebOld home is separately mounted from /dev/sda3
On Deb64 home is part of the root fs and I want to move to using the old
separately mounted home where all my stuff is

The problem is that the numerical id of the (my) username is different in
the two systems. In DebOld the id is 1001 in Deb64 it is 1000.

So I did:
In new (Deb64) change 1000 to 1001 in /etc/passwd and /etc/group against my
username. Knock off the password in /etc/shadow and regenerate.

To some extent this has worked. However now I am beginning to see problems
suggesting this was not such a neat hack!

So parole - the xfce media player - is refusing to play sound files from
the old (and renamed) home but is playing it from the new.

I am guessing this is a user perms and not really a parole issue since
parole plays ok if started as root

So I have basically one specific and one general question:
Specific: Any ideas about how to make parole (gstreamer) work?

General: There may be more such issues in other (sub)systems/apps.
Whats the general way to solve it?

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