[LAU] DIY acoustic absorbers?

Rob rob at rektau.ukfsn.org
Sun May 25 12:22:14 UTC 2014


On 25 May 2014 12:47:48 BST, Gabriel Nordeborn <gabbe.nord at gmail.com> wrote:
>I recently moved to a new flat, and I've just got my studio properly
>in one of the rooms. Problem is, the room is rather horrible
>As this is the room I've got to play with, I'm going to have to make
>best of it acoustically.
>So, my question is about DIY acoustic absorbers. I'm most likely
>looking to
>build absorbers both for mid/hi-end (I'm thinking the classical rock
>ones you place spaced out a bit form the walls) and for the lower end,
>I am very much open for suggestions. Here's some specs of my setup:
>- The room is roughly 3.60m wide, 3.40m long and 2.50m high. I think at
>least one wall is concrete.
>- My mixing position/monitors is in the middle of the front wall. I sit
>about 1.20m out from the wall.
>- My monitors are small, a set of Adam A3X (so 3" elements I guess). It
>basically gives very low bass response, so I can hear fairly OK down to
>about 80hz, rapidly declining down to 60hz where there's nothing left.
>- I am not terribly dependent on mixing at high volumes, if that
>What I currently have is:
>- Two large bookshelves along the wall right behind my mixing position
>acting as diffusors. These go almost all the way up to the ceiling, and
>stuff unevenly stacked at different heights/positions in the bookshelf.
>They cover 1.60m in the middle of the back wall.
>- I also have a fairly large carpet on the floor in the middle of the
>It probably doesn't do that much, but maybe it does a little.
>My question then is; are there any effective ways of acoustically
>this room? Of course, given the topic of the e-mail, I'm very much
>to do my own DIY solutions, if that's a viable option. What I have been
>thinking is doing what I mention above; classical absorber "panels",
>bass traps.
>But, before I start anything, I'd very much like input from people who
>actually know what they're talking about (I'm looking at you on this
>;) ). So, does anyone have thoughts/suggestions for me? Any recommended
>of doing this?
>Thank you very much for any help and any replies!
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