[LAU] DIY acoustic absorbers?

Bob Andres bob at andresonline.net
Sun May 25 19:45:03 UTC 2014

Bedsheets (I assume you mean something denser like quilts or bed covers),
heavy drapes, etc,  would  help deaden the room, but it would work mainly
on higher frequencies, I think it would make the sound muddy and muffled
sounding, though a little of this treatment would be better than nothing
(the whole dead end, live end thing).

If you look at the acoustical testing done on the various panel materials,
you'll see it takes much thicker and denser material to have an effect on
lower frequencies.

I am far from an expert, this is just from memory when I researched the
panels I ended up with.


On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 2:25 PM, <stephen.doonan at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 05/25/2014 06:22 AM, Rob wrote:
>      So, my question is about DIY acoustic absorbers.
> Bob Andres responds: "I built my own frames and covered with fabric from
> Spoonflower that I had custom printed with images of favorite musicians, so
> the 2x4 panels look like art.  They are spaced 2" from the wall."
> ---
> Does anyone know why a person shouldn't just hang old bedsheets around the
> walls and tacked to the ceiling? :-)
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