[LAU] setting fluidsynth as a service in debian/systemd

Federico Bruni fede at inventati.org
Sat Oct 4 11:08:33 UTC 2014

Thanks Pedro, definitely the best idea!

Il giorno sab 4 ott 2014 alle 12:28, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas 
<pedro.lopez.cabanillas at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> [...]
> Summary: create a fluidsynth.desktop file and place it on a suitable 
> location like /etc/xdg/autostart or ~/.config/autostart/
> Note: KDE has in "System Settings" -> "Startup and Shutdown" a GUI 
> tool for easily editing, enabling and disabling start-up programs or 
> scripts.

It works perfect.
I must say that it was my first try before trying systemd, but due to a 
bug in gnome-system-tools I gave up:

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