[LAU] Unable to create bootable USB of KXStudio

Kazakore dj_kaza at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 9 00:11:32 UTC 2014

On 08/10/14 18:56, Roger wrote:
> KXStudio documentation suggests to use unetbootin. Maybe the image is 
> not isohybrid. See 
> http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/Documentation:Manual:downloading_and_booting_kxstudio 
> I burned and installed DVD and it worked fine. 
On 08/10/14 22:27, Russell Hanaghan wrote:
> I've been using KXStudio for some time & have made lots of live USB sticks. Both 32 & 64 bit versions.
> While on some other distros I needed to use dd, on Kxstudio, Unetbootin always works fine. I tend to wipe the stick first in gparted & reformat to fat32 & add the 'boot' flag. Not sure the flag is needed. This always works fine on most o my machines, old and newer.
> ~ Russell

Thanks both, managed to get unetbootin installed this morning so will 
give it a go. Was hoping to avoid having to install anything for the 
same reason I didn't manage to read their docs. Internet was being worse 
than bad on both options I have! ~100-300ms ping and worse than 50% 
packet loss on wifi and 10-30 second ping ~5% packet loss on my mobile 
broadband making loading pages nigh on impossible! Luckily things are a 
little smoother at 5.30am... ;-)

Regards, Dale.

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