[LAU] Dishonest marketing and the term "Open Source"

Bill Gribble grib at billgribble.com
Sat Oct 18 18:40:31 UTC 2014

On 10/18/2014 12:01 PM, Rob wrote:
> Unfortunately, now that McMillen has been funded, there's really no 
> recourse other than suing him. The only angle left that I can think of 
> is that Open Source is a trademark...

What was the implied promise of open-source-ness?  The kickstarter does 
include the words "open source" in the title, but the body of the 
project description doesn't have much detail about what would be 
open-sourced.   From the tone of indignation I would have expected 
something much clearer in the kickstarter to hang it on.

IMO the QuNeo (and QuNexus) are pretty innovative, somewhat flawed 
devices that are really good value for the price.  I own both and use 
them with my own and others' open-source software without problem.  The 
device functionality is easily programmable using well-documented MIDI 
APIs.   It might be nice if the firmware was open-sourced, but the 
additional value to me would be pretty low. Again, IMO -- I'm sure there 
are some who find that these devices are useless without modifiable 

Bill Gribble

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