[LAU] [OT] loudspeaker enclosure design software, testers welcomed.

Gianfranco Ceccolini gianfranco at portalmod.com.br
Mon Oct 20 21:40:26 UTC 2014

Is this based on Vance Dickason’s Loudspeaker Design Cookbook?

Em 20/10/2014, à(s) 19:32, Benoît Rouits <brouits at free.fr> escreveu:

> Hello,
> A long time i didn't post here, and now for something a bit OT:
> I just finished to write a tiny Qt based software for DIYers on
> loudspeaker enclosure design, under Linux. It is inspired by the
> discontinued gspeakers Gtk+ based software. For the moment it has
> basic only features, but it is usable, though there is a long TODO.
> I you are interested, (and if some debian packager is around here, [whisling] ;-) you can checkout the svn tree and try it yourself:
> $ svn co https://dbx.gtmp.org/svn/qspeakers/ [*]
> $ cd qspeakers; qmake -config release && make && sudo make install
> (it will install in /usr/local/..)
> There is a 4 or 5 speakers DB for a start, but it won't be visible
> if qspeaker is not _installed_. After installation, first run will
> copy the DB into  ~/.local/share/data/Herewe/QSpeakers so that you
> can edit it with your own speaker's Thiele-Small parameters.
> Thank you for trying !
> - Ben
> [*] thanks to Mid', a friend of mine, who gave me some space on his server.
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