[LAU] ALSA and RME Raydat troubleshooting

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Oct 21 14:11:02 UTC 2014

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 7:20 AM, Vaclav Mach <vaclav.mach at artisys.aero>

> Hi all,
> I'm the team leader of Voice Communication Systems development in ARTISYS
> company. We try to utilize RME RayDat sound device on Linux system with
> ALSA sound interface. After a lot of experiments we are not able to set up
> proper sound output from this device, so we kindly ask you for a help to
> solve our problem. Here is a brief description:
> General task of our troubleshooting is that our audio signal output is not
> continuous. The output signal is rather interrupted.

testing this configuration using aplay doesn't make any sense. you
apparently believe that getting glitch-free audio playback is a trivial
task ... it isn't unless you are prepared to use a lot of buffering (which
is what happens in a lot of consumer-ish software.

you are also attempting to use ALSA dmix facilities, which is not
recommended by anyone for any purpose (distributions that used to use this
now use pulseaudio to accomplish multiplexing streams to a single hardware

it is certainly possible to play streams to multiple devices at once, but
if you expect utilities like aplay to do this correctly on an arbitrary
system, you are mistaken. your problems could be in the ALSA dmix layer, or
your kernel or your overall system configuration (see, for example, this
list of problem areas:

you haven't really described what your application area is, but if it
involves multiple appplications sharing an audio device and using low
latency, then i think most people would suggest you look into JACK, either
to use it directly or as a code model (remembering, however, that is is
released under the GPL).
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