[LAU] [OT] Bash (shell) security issues

Brett McCoy idragosani at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 12:35:31 UTC 2014

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 8:23 AM, F. Silvain <silvain at freeshell.de> wrote:

> Hey hey everyone,
> I hreard, that the Bash (Bourne Again shell) had a vital security issue,
> that was only fixed very recently. So if you rely on Bash better update. I
> _THINK_ the problem was only fixed last week or so. Let your friends know!
> :)
> Don't ask me about specifics, I just got the info and passed it along,
> since it sounded like good advice.

I think you are talking about this:


It first came to light about a month ago or so. It's primarily a concern on
public servers, with old fashioned CGI scripts being the primary vector. I
imagine (and hope) most distros have released updates to address this by

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