[LAU] A survey if you don't mind - results

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Oct 25 16:26:10 UTC 2014

On 10/25/2014 05:55 PM, Will Godfrey wrote:
> OK final results. I've had to make the following adjustments to the figures.

> So we have:
> Audio
> ALSA    6%
> JACK   74%
> Either 18%
> Other   2% (both referring to Alsa, Jack and Pulse)
> ALSA   23%
> JACK   26%
> Either 44%
> Other   7% ( 6 didn't use MIDI and the 7th mentioned a2j)

How many votes have there been in total? Is it a significant part of the
community that does not correlate with Applications? (eg qtractor has no
jack-midi support, or ardour3 only jack-midi support, skype on linux
only offers pulseaudio)

General the choice of API is not made by the user, but dictated by the
application(s) a user uses. Hence I don't see how this survey is
meaningful by itself. Still interesting though.

> From this I think we can conclude that direct use of ALSA is far from
> dead yet

You can not *conclude* that just from the results presented. That's not
how statistics works, but well, it's good enough for the marketing dept.
nonetheless :)

> If I can remember, I might try this again in a years time. 

If so, the please consider leaving the survey run longer. At least a
week, best a month.

I just read your call for participation only to find this result email a
bit further down in my Inbox. Though that's my fault for not keeping up
LAU on a on day-by-day basis.


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