[LAU] [OT]: Re: turn your tablet into a real physical interface

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Fri Oct 31 19:54:52 UTC 2014

IMO using a tablet PC for faders and knobs is just interesting, if you
own one for other reasons, that most likely aren't related to music.
Assumed you don't have the money, even to get an elCheapo Korg
nanoKontrol or similar, but you want to e.g. control filters of a
virtual synth, then it's nice, when you can control filters by your
fingers instead of using the mouse, assumed the software is for free or
does cost 4 EUR. When using it for mixing, then it's nice, because it's
wireless, but not for replacing a good mixer, just as a cheap remote
control for your DAW and putting such real pseudo faders and knobs on
top of the touch screen wouldn't enhance it, it would limit the tablet
PCs abilities. This thing is a good homework for the design class, to
demonstrate the design abilities of a student, but not good as a real
product for mixing with tablet PCs. It's an abstract work, that does
demonstrate creativity and some know how, that can be used for other
things, that could be really interesting products. A student usually
doesn't have the money to realise really usable things, just for a
homework. A homework isn't a complementary work/final paper. As already
mentioned, before reading it, my first thought, when I saw the pics, was

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