[LAU] Jack max ports question

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Aug 2 14:50:18 UTC 2015

On Mon, 3 Aug 2015 01:53:50 +1200, Chris Bannister wrote:
>On Sun, Aug 02, 2015 at 01:18:37PM +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>> Humans have different strategies, if a women asks her man to get the
>> cucumber out of the refrigerator, it's said that it often happens
>> that the man doesn't see it. 
>I would think that he is shocked and stunned and recovering from a
>bruised ego is the reason. He does see it subconsiously, though.

I was serious, hadn't such a joke in mind, but OTOH even this joke
explains that a human brain often doesn't work as wanted. Anyway, no
man should suffer from self-doubts caused by a large green vegetable.
Small but on the other hand _not green_ IMO is better than large _and

Regarding colours ...

On Sun, 2 Aug 2015 10:11:21 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>I've no clue how universal it could be made to work, but forget the
>chips designation by model/device type unless theres more than one
>detected by the system, and come right out and say its the blue jack
>that is the mic input, the orange jack is the line output. etc etc.

Germans from my age, born in 1966, often started making music with this


After a while we dropped it and used this instrument:


Is jackd, resp. qjackctl a toy or a tool?

I'm not against user-friendliness of tools, but tools also need to fit
to growing users experiences. I'm 48 years old and regarding the keys of
both music instruments, I would be able to play the second children
instrument without issues, but it would take a few minutes to play the
first children instrument with the coloured keys. Idiotproof not
necessarily is functional.


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