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Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Tue Aug 11 10:26:27 UTC 2015

Hello Dave,

Am Montag, 10. August 2015, 11:17:41 schrieb Dave Phillips:
> Greetings,
> Music for two 13-course Baroque lutes :
>      https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/le-faux-gaultier
> Downloads enabled, comments welcome.

Well now that's a surprise!

I knew that you like to hear lute music. I also knew that you sometimes compose in a traditional sense for guitar or small ensemble, probably as a part of teaching music.

On the compositional side I'd be curious how you would describe the key elements in the Gaultier's music you tried to catch the spirit of (I think we talk about Ennemond and Denis, not so much of Jaques or even Pierre who both lived earlier and wrote in somewhat different styles)? I ask because I don't recognize the major part of this as style brisee - to me it rather bears reminiscences of english late renaissance (or is it transitional/early baroque, music in the fashion of Henry Lawes etc., which would point at Jaques again, whose music I really don't know all that well ;) - but OTOH I often fail in recognizing elements when they appear in abstracted form, so please share your thoughts!

Anyway I really enjoy the composition per se, I think I recognize elements I know from some of your other stuff, hard to describe, maybe some sort of structured randomness ;)

On the sound side, this is the first lute sound from a software instrument that sounds convinceing to me, I'm really impressed by that... are those samples opensourced or proprietary?

Inevitably after a while into the composition, it sounds a bit like a key instrument now and then, but I wouldn't know how to avoid that when working with MIDI in a sequencer and having anything else than the most elaborate sampling libraries a la VSL and their articulations, and players... 

I hope I haven't talked all too much rubbish, but as amateur lutenist who has played a lot of Gaultier, I just wanted to comment :D

Oh and is there a chance to see a score or get the MIDI file of this? I'd love to see if it's indeed playable in baroque tuning, and how the music is shared between the two lutes (I had difficulties telling them apart when listening via my speakers, haven't tried headphones yet) ...

Thanks for sharing!


> Best,
> dp
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