[LAU] RPi based audio metering device (EBU R128 etc.)

laulau till at www.n0ne.de
Thu Aug 20 10:21:07 UTC 2015

Hello List,

i am new to this list so forgive if this has been discussed before - a
quick search of the archives didnt reveal anything relevant.

I am trying to build an audio metering device (stereo only for now),
with the purpose of monitoring my video editing system. Right now this
is based on a RPi running Arch Linux ARM. As the window manager i
decided for i3 tiling WM. The RPi has a 7" 800x480 Touchscreen connected
(to be able to reset EBU R128 measuring Keyboard and Mouse-less). As a
soundcard i am using the Behringer U-Control UCA222, connected to a
Samson C-Control as the audio splitter for speaker monitoring etc.

As the software i am playing with the ebumeter, yass & jaaa from Kokkini
Zita (http://kokkinizita.linuxaudio.org/linuxaudio/). I installed the
jackmeterbridge tools as well.

I am still trying to figure out what software will be useful in "real
life" situation, meaning what is the RPi capable of handling CPU wise
(jaaa pushed it to its limits naturally).

- So i wondering, has anyone done something similar before and can share
his / her experiences?

- Are there other software tools that i have missed that would be worth
looking at?

- Especially screen estate is a problem with a 800x480 pixel screen.
Jass fits barely, ebumeter is super small etc. Is there a way to scale
fixed width tools differently to make a nicer screen layout?


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