[LAU] RPi based audio metering device (EBU R128 etc.)

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Aug 21 02:06:49 UTC 2015

On 08/20/2015 10:03 PM, laulau wrote:
> Robin: I never quite understood advantage of the loudness radar which
> the RTW device also feautres vs. a horizontal way of displaying the
> programs loudness...

The circular display lends itself to present a lot of information in a
small area. As with needle meters you can keep the eyes focused on a
small spot. A moving X/Y history or histogram are harder to follow (for
most people anyway) but as usual there's taste and habits.

Still going with Fons' jmeters, jkmeters and ebur128 may prove to be
more efficient on the RPi.

> i think something like the ebumeter combined with
> yass oscilloscope (with an additional timescale) would be perfect to get
> a quick overview of the dynamic range...

There's also https://github.com/x42/sisco.lv2/ but that's rather
intended for measurements (it behaves like a traditional scope and does
not scroll). In any case both meters.lv2 and sisco.lv2 also come as
standalone jack app (no need to fire up an LV2 host), note however that
the default OPTIMIZATIONS (Makefile) are for Intel platform and not for

On a related subject, some LAUs built a similar device (they may chime
in) and on the way wrote https://github.com/rvega/window-positions in
order to automatically position the various meters on the screen.


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