[LAU] Searching for audio interface with software-controlled mic gain

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Aug 25 13:28:37 UTC 2015

On Tue, 25 Aug 2015, Thomas Janu wrote:

> for a project at work (nothing to do with music, sadly, but at least audio) I'm
> looking for an audio interface that supports at least 16bit/48kHz (24bit/96kHz
> would be even better, we're potentially looking for rather high frequency
> signals...) for two mics that need phantom power and where the preamp gain can be
> controlled remotely by software, as this will be used as follows:

The limiting factors for frequency/headroom are generally in the analog 
portion of things. 16bits already comes close to the limits of most analog 
hw. 96k SR will not give you up to 48k audio recording in most cases of 
equipment built for audio use. An interface built for osciliscope use may 
be better, though likely less than 16 bit and would require some custom 
circuitry for your application.

So long as 20 to 20k will work for you an audio interface will work.

This one: http://www.motu.com/products/avb/ultralite-avb is USB2.0 class 
compliant and can be remote controled via web interface (through ethernet 
connector on back). Seems overkill though. But then so does the xair18...

Note that I have not had either of these boxes in my hand, I suggest, as 
always, taking a linux laptop to the music store and trying it out there.

Len Ovens

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