[LAU] An Easier mp3Editor?

Emanuele Rusconi emarsk at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 22:38:56 UTC 2015

Hart, I wrote a small, stupid, ugly script in lua for mpv, that maybe
you'll find useful until you find a proper solution.
You should put it in the folder '~/.mpv/scripts/'.

Here is what it does: while you play a file in mpv, every time you hit
'M' the current song time is appended to a text file.
The times are formatted as requested by mp3splt.
The text file is named after the mp3 file name, plus '_marks.txt'.

For example, if you listen to 'Building_with_fire.mp3', the times are
saved, separated by spaces, in the file
When you're done you can edit the file and add 00.00.00 and EOF if you
need them, and then you can use:
    mp3splt Building_with_fire.mp3 $(cat Building_with_fire.mp3_marks.txt)
to split the file.

As I said, it's a stupid script, it doesn't check anything so use it
with care, but I'm not a programmer and I wanted to show you a
possible solution quickly. Maybe someone else will want to write
something better. Anyway I tested it quickly and it seems to work.

Here's the script:

function mark_time()
    audioFileName = mp.get_property("filename")
    marksFileName = audioFileName .. "_marks.txt"
    marksFile = io.open(marksFileName, "a")
    time = mp.get_property("time-pos")
    timeMin = math.floor( time / 60 )
    timeSec = math.floor(( time % 60 ) * 100 + 0.5 ) / 100
    timeSpltMin = string.format('%.2d', timeMin)
    timeSpltSec = string.format('%05.2f', timeSec)
    timeSplt = timeSpltMin .. '.' .. timeSpltSec
    marksFile:write(timeSplt .. ' ')
    print(timeSplt .. " added to the marks file.")
mp.add_key_binding("M", mark_time)

Hope you'll find it useful.

-- Emanuele Rusconi

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