[LAU] qjackctl: disable baloon popups?

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Wed Feb 4 10:21:47 UTC 2015

Am 04.02.2015 um 10:24 schrieb IOhannes m zmoelnig:
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> this is something that has annoyed me endlessly for years, and i still
> haven't found a solution.
> the issue is minor (that's why i haven't asked before), but annoying
> nevertheless.
> so:
> i'm using qjackctl with the "system tray icon" enabled.
> when i close the application window, qjackctl keeps running and is
> accessible via the system tray.
> cool. that's what i want.
> however, every single time i close the main qjackctl window, a balloon
> pops up in my notification area, telling me that the "program will
> keep running in the system tray" and how to really shut it down.
> the first time i read this, this information was informative (i
> suppose, it has been years). but no longer.
> i already know that the program will keep running. that's why i'm
> using the system tray. there's no need to tell me again and again
> (even within a single session!).
> there *must* be simple way to "not show this message again", without
> completely disabling tray notifications. but how?
> btw, this is on Debian/sid with xfce4.
> fgasdmr
> IOhannes


I just click on the system tray icon to hide/show qjackctl, instead 
"close" it.


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