[LAU] OpenMusic 6.9 - new build for Ubuntu (.deb) and Fedora (.rpm)

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Thu Feb 5 10:11:26 UTC 2015

>>>>> "D" == David Baron writes:

    D> So, OK, installed all of the dependencies and openmusic finally
    D> installed and did, indeed run. Congratulations and
    D> salutations. Now to actually try to use it ...

A good start is importing the tutorial patches to your workspace
(Help->Import Tutorial Patches->OM Tutorials).

Note that if you want any sound out from these basic tutorial, OM
expects you to connect to a running midi-synth (e.g. fluidsynth).  Check
Preferences->MIDI, and click the patchbay-like icon at the lower right
("Devices/ports setup").


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