[LAU] Concurrent Patch Management, and process control

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Feb 16 00:12:16 UTC 2015

On Sun, 15 Feb 2015, Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:

> I think the strongest effort to replace MIDI-1, is OSC.  OSC-over-Ethernet 
> seems the common transport, and it doesn't seem to have a maximum transport 
> speed or rigid timing like MIDI does.  There is an HD-MIDI out there but it 
> still appears to be mostly in the process of seeking to be used.  But just 
> now I was not able to find a single 88-key weighted controller with OSC. 
> Hopefully in the near future.

The biggest problem I have had with OSC, is standard messages from
application to application. Just off the top of my head compare the OSC
messages needed to change something on the Ardour mixer and non-mixer. As
a manufacture, OSC is a non-target because there is nothing out there to
control, or when there is, it is one thing to control and then nothing
else works unless another patch is set up for that something else. MIDI,
for a keyboard is universal. MIDI over USB can be as fast as USB will move
it (thought it may be choked to standard MIDI rate) MIDI over ethernet can
also be much faster. OSC can move MIDI events and also time stamp those
events... The stuff is there, but because OSC seems to have a very open,
"you can do anything with this" base, there are no standard messages that
mean A#3 has been hit with a force of 87 as there is in MIDI... Except to
send MIDI over OSC.

In truth, MIDI suffers some of the same thing when it comes to control 
surfaces. MCP seems to be the only standard out there. But for keyboard to 
synth connect, MIDI just works.

Len Ovens

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