[LAU] Replacing/enhancing MIDI, and OSC

Raphaël Mouneyres rmouneyres at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 09:25:23 UTC 2015

> I think OSC is missing parts though (just like AES67?). I should be able
to add a control surface/keyboard to a network and the unit should show me
every other unit (SW or HW) that it can talk to. From that list I should be
able to connect my output to a number of inputs and connect my input to
whatever output. Then if I play notes on a keyboard I should get the right
sounds, or move a control the right thing should change. That is a lot of
things to happen. My controller has to be able to set it's networking up
and then discover what other OSC stuff is around. OSC right now seems to be
totally manual. The user has to know the target IP and port (99% musicians
just blanked out) and have the server running and enter those things just
to have a connection. Even with a standard set of commands this is already
a fail.

You're right here.
There is Copperlan which offers a scenario like you describe and they've
recently partnered with archwave to merge with Aes67 audio. Though it is
not an open standard, the idea and functionnality is great.

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