[LAU] Simplest USB MIDI --> wireless --> JACK ?

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Thu Feb 19 03:34:56 UTC 2015

> > A USB cable is not the best solution to my problem. I have exactly one
> > appropriate USB port on my keyboard, and I don't want to wear it out -- I
> > have seen far too many USB-A and USB-B ports and cables wear out over the
> > last five years for comfort.
> ​Would you consider connecting a USB hub to the device in a semi-permanent
> manner? Would solve the decaying port problem. I don't think at hub would
> add any noticeable latency?​

It would help only if the following architecture is valid: 

[Synth PC][USB A] ----> [USB B][USB hub #1][USB A] --> long cable --> [USB B][USB hub #2][USB A] --> [USB B][Keyboard with USB MIDI out] 

This is because I need to preserve the single (non-host) USB port on the keyboard, and the (host) ports on the PC too. 

According to the original USB design specs I vaguely remember, the above is supposed to work, but I have never seen it tested, especially with MIDI; anyone know? 

Of course, I could just use male-to-female extenders instead of hubs. I will probably do this in the short term, until I have better :-) 

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